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G2 Swirl Bars

Protects print areas from scum.

G2 Swirl Bars

The G2 Swirl Bar directs scum, foam, and floating debris on the ink’s surface away from the cylinder toward the ink pan’s side. The cylinder’s surface is kept clean and free from build-up thereby preventing print defects like scumming. Great for use in gravure, adhesive, and coating decks.


Each G2 Swirl Bar features:

  • Lightweight aluminum tubular construction
  • Magnets at each end that draw bar to cylinder
  • Driven by soft raised swirl riding cylinder

Available Options:

  • Standard Spiral – Shink Wrapped Soft Spiral, easy to rinse for multiple color use
  • PLUS Spiral – Enhanced Rope Spiral, for use in severe single color applications like white ink
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