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FlexoArt® Doctor Blade Chamber System

The most adaptable chamber system on the market, easy to retrofit and compatible with all known flexographic presses.


The FlexoArt® doctor blade chamber system is designed with adaptability in mind to provide for perfect inking, perfect printing, and no leakage – for full size presses up to 3,000mm/120” print width. This doctor blade chamber system is an easy-to-use solution offering low running costs, short pay-back time, and improved print quality.



  • Perfect inking, perfect doctoring and extremely long blade life due to very low pressure and unique construction
  • The ‘non-pressure’ system has a completely sealed inner and outer chamber for a truly ink tight system
  • Patented two-component end-seals keep the ink on the screen roller surface
  • Extremely rigid construction prevents vibrations and bending of chamber during operation
  • Reliable and uncomplicated system, designed to meet the highest requirements for quality and profitability
  • The most flexible chamber system on the market, easy to retrofit in almost any flexo print unit
  • Cold formed stainless steel construction prevents corrosion and warping of chamber
  • GripTite® doctoring system for quick and easy service and maintenance.
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Low Weight Chamber

  • Easy releasing, removing and handling of press

Easy To Set

  • Adjust for wear only once or twice per shift

Quick and Easy Blade Change

  • Due in part to unique GripTite® doctor blade system

Truly Ink Tight

  • A “dual chamber” configuration in stainless steel ensures dripless ink metering.

Quick Connector

  • Easy tube connection and fast release of ink

Long Life End-Seals

  • Cost efficient and easy to exchange.

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