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G2 AccuCutter®

Doctor Blade Cutter

Precision cut every time.

G2 AccuCutter® Doctor Blade Cutter

The G2 AccuCutter® allows you to make exact length blade cutting easy, quick and fast. The easy-to-use G2 AccuCutter® is designed to be a long-life and operator-safe solution to cutting doctor blades to exact length.


  • Hardened shear assures a 90° square clean cut while producing a factory edge finish every time
  • SWEDCUT® dispensing box fits securely on box tray
  • Easy-to-use measuring tape displays both inches and metric measurements for exact measuring
  • Available cutter dimensions include: 24”(609.60mm), 48”(1219.20mm), 72”(1828.80mm), 96”(2438.40mm), 120”(3048.00mm),144”(3657.60mm)
  • Specially designed for the following blade sizes: Width: 0.40”(10mm) to 4.00”(100mm), Thickness: Up to 0.040”(1.00mm)
  • Standard Dimensions: 47” Base Unit (box, guide, cutter, 24” table) Additional Table Extensions: 24” increments
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