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G2 Tubing®

Great fluid transfer solutions.

G2 Tubing®

We offer two varieties of our G2 Tubing® that is smartly designed to exceed all of your fluid transfer applications – excellent for a multitude of inks and fluids. Our specially designed tubing is manufactured of memory materials which allows for even flow and easy maintenance.

PROTHANE II Flexible Tubing


  • A transparent blue polyester polyurethane tubing that exhibits excellent abrasion resistance, resilience to continuous flexing and impacting experienced in peristaltic pumps. This specially designed tubing allows for elastic recovery following compression exhibiting a long flex life.AVAILABLE SIZES:Standard – 1/2” ID x 3/4” OD – Length Segments: 50ftLarge – 3/4” ID x 1.0625” OD – Length Segments: 50ft
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E-D Plex Flexible Tubing


  • E-D Plex™ is a thermoplastic black rubber tubing that is ideally suited for use with aqueous   fluids. This particular tubing has proven successful in peristaltic pump applications where continuous flexing is require.AVAILABLE SIZES:Standard – 1/2” ID x 3/4” OD, Length Segments: 50ftLarge – 3/4” ID x 1.0625” OD, Length Segments: 50ft

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