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G2 Doctor Blade®


The safe way to stick a blade.

G2 Doctor Blade Stick-Off®

The G2 Blade Stick-Off® is carefully designed from soft poplar allowing the tip to effectively remove debris from the doctor blade without damaging cylinders.


Hand-crafted from soft poplar, the G2 Blade Stick-Off® is strategically bent to allow for optimum accessibility and flexibility, reducing potential cylinder damage.

  • Effectively removes damaging particles from roll cells that would otherwise result in costly print defects.
  • Soft poplar tip sharpens by hand or pencil sharpener for extended life.
  • Measuring 18” in length, safe distance ensures that operator is safe from tip point.
  • Pairs great with G2 Tube Lube®, G2 EZ Tubing®, and our G2 Cylinder Cleaning Pads® for the ultimate press room maintenance package.
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