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The Perfect Doctor Blade for Every Pressroom

5 Reasons to Choose SWED/CUT® Doctor Blades

SWED/CUT® provides a product range of blades for flexo, gravure, and coating applications, designed for precise metering and high-quality print with minimal pressure to reduce ink waste and production stops.

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5 Reasons to Choose SWED/CUT® Doctor Blades

Outstanding Performance

SWED/CUT® doctor blades are engineered to precisely meter inks at higher speeds for longer periods without interruptions. 

Longer Running Time

Our patented technology ensures SWED/CUT® blades run longer, require no break-in, and reduce downtime. 

Swedish Steel

SWED/CUT® blades are crafted from the world’s finest authentic ultrarefined Swedish steel, designed to deliver superior performance that exceeds expectations. 

More Economical

Available in a range of high performance steels, each tailored to offer an incredible value at each price point, a great value for pressrooms.

Expertise & Reliability

You aren’t just buying a doctor blade from us. FLXON customers are supported by our team of pressroom experts with the desire and knowledge to help you overcome any challenge. Our aim is to minimize downtime and enhance your profitability. 

We only use the best steel and then we make it even stronger.

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Microstructure Matters

The ultrarefined and evenly distributed microstructure of SWED/CUT® doctor blades combined with mechanical consistency is vital for durability and performance in the printing industry. Our blades achieve precise metering while requiring less pressure to prevent leaking and ink waste, exceeding the increasing demands of modern pressrooms.

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