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G2 Contact

Angle Detection


Solve problems at press side.

G2 Contact Angle Detection Tool

Improper contact angles can result in a lot of problems for Flexo and Roto presses. The G2® Contact Angle Detection Tool is designed as a portable device to measure the contact angles on used doctor blades in order to ensure proper settings.


  • The G2 Contact Angle Gauge System is an excellent and easy-to-use device using angle refraction in order to determine optimal blade settings
  • Constructed of sturdy stainless steel and aluminum, the device features a magnetic stage that rotates in an arc track, along with a microscope and LED light rod
  • The G2 Contact Angle Gauge System is especially great for training new press operators
  • A great way to remember the settings when you are running at optimal performance or determine solutions for solving improper blade angles
  • The best way to correct blade settings in order to save money in excessive blade wear, down press times, wasted ink and substrates damaged rolls/ cylinders
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FLEXOGRAPHIC: 25 to 35 degrees (metering)

GRAVURE: 55 to 65 degrees


Excessive or Uneven Blade Wear, Hazing, Streaking, Color Shift, Anilox Roll Scoring, Chatter and more

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