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Excellent performance for sensitive, high-line startups. 

SWED/CUT MICROKOTE G® | Performance Class Doctor Blades

MICROKOTE G® is our most popular coated blade material that combines a micro-refined repellent coating applied to the high-density M-FLEX® series of carbon steel lowering blade-to-cylinder friction. The result is a blade and tip that achieve precise ink metering while preventing particulate from sticking – blade tip remains cool for extended runs. Ultimately this helps to eliminate print defects like haze, streaks, and drag-outs.

MICROKOTE G® is ideal for rotogravure and coating applications in precise metering for solids, line work, screens, vignettes, and general process. It also has superior results for flexible, tobacco, shrink sleeves, and pharmaceutical packaging at increasing speeds.

FLXON SWEDCUT Data Bar MICROKOTE G MKG Best Coated Doctor Blade For Flexo Roto Gravure Printing

Ideal Applications

  • Process: Flexo, Gravure, and Coating
  • Industry Segments: Wide Web and Narrow Web
  • Coatings & Lamination


  • Low Friction Coating
  • Ink Repellent
  • Tight Tolerances
  • Micro-refined Stainless Base Steel
  • Smaller, Denser, Even Carbide Distribution


  • Prevents Particulate Sticking
  • Slower Even Wear
  • Defect Prevention
  • Increased Speeds
  • Reduced Cylinder Wear
  • No Break-in Time
  • Longer Wearing
  • Precise Metering

Characteristics Compared to Standard Strip Steel

  • Coated Single-Sourced Steel
  • Carbide Sizes: 6 times smaller
  • Carbides/mm∧2: 7.5 times more
  • Friction Level: 5 times lower
  • Corrosion Resistance: XX
  • Life: XXX


We offer a full range of sizes specially designed to meet the needs of your pressroom. Contact a FLXON representative to learn more.

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Available Blade Edge Profiles

The MICROKOTE G® doctor blade is available in the following blade edge profiles.

Microstructure Matters

The MICROKOTE G® combines corrosion resistant micro-refined chemistry with physical dimension and extended bevel to combat UV spitting and other similar print defects. It is a top performer for long running printing and coating applications requiring consistent and precise metering.

Compared to standard strip steel, the MICROKOTE G® doctor blade’s microstructure is defined by it’s small and evenly distributed carbide particulate which assures slow and even edge wear, low friction, and smooth ink film formation.

For you that means a higher quality doctor blade that reduces the likelihood of common print defects, reduces wear to your anilox rolls, and allows you to run your blades longer.

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