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We Appreciate Innovation

As Advanced Technology Ink Metering Specialists.


We continually strive to help move the industry forward through our innovation and vision. 

Product development is critical to our mission and the guarantee we give to our customers. Through the years FLXON has worked extensively with its flexographic/rotogravure customers and SWEDEV AB, producer of the SWED/CUT® line of doctor blades, to develop new products to meet the ever-changing pressroom environment.

There are many details within the structure of the materials used to make doctor blades and we are committed to research, analysis, and high-technology to assist in developing more advanced doctor blades. Our commitment is to assist in the development of better doctor blades that meter more precisely, last longer with less negative impact, and eliminate waste and downtime from the production process.

This innovation commitment allows us to help our customers drive waste from their process, thereby helping them to be more precise in their quality, improve sustainability, remain price competitive, and earn greater profits.