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G2 ProPump

Peristaltic Ink Pump

Next Generation Ink Pump.

The industry workhorse.

G2 ProPump

For more than 10 years, the G2 ProPump has earned a well-founded reputation for performance and extreme reliability in flexographic and rotogravure pressrooms around the world.

“Hose Failure” has been a common problem on other peristaltic pumps but not on the G2 ProPump. It’s patented self-guiding track combines compression and guide rollers to prevent pinching and wear to the side of the hose or tube; thereby eliminating the stress point and failure. Tube life within the pump, depending on the chemistry of the fluid being pumped, is measured in multiple weeks or months.

With dual heads, each pump is able to serve two decks or provide push-pull management of ink-flow in a chamber; thereby preventing pressure build up that results in end-seals leaking. Job and color changes are made faster because no ink comes into contact with the pump. There’s nothing to clean.


  • Dual Head Peristaltic Pump designed for Flexo and Roto
  • Heavy Duty – Lightweight aircraft aluminum casting
  • Reduce job change time to minutes – Nothing to clean
  • Low to No maintenance required
  • Popular patented design extends life of tubing
  • Adjustable ink flows reduce pressure in chambers
  • Lifetime self-lubricating gear box
  • Patented pump head ensures even flow
  • Dual head configuarations to serve single and multi deck supply with gravity return
  • Front-load Auto Feed ensures quick tubing changes
  • Helps relieve common ink chamber issues including: starvation, ghosting, and blowouts
  • Simplicity of design and the robust construction makes rebuilds unnecessary
  • Hundreds of satisfied customers report a fast ROI
  • 800+ sold to pressrooms globally
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  Motor Option

 Quick Access Pump Head

  Easy Turn Door Knob

 Sturdy Compact Base

  Guide & Compression Rollers

  Wide Radius Door Hinge

  Anti-rust Spool

  Lifetime Lubricated Gear Box


The G2 ProPump is available in a variety of Standard and Large series build configurations depending on your application.
Our technical team can assist you in selecting the necessary configuration to meet your needs.

G2 ProPump Standard
-No Motor-
  • Dual Head Peristaltic Pump
  • Motor not included – requires motor for operation
  • Includes Starter Kit
G2 ProPump Air
-Air Motor-
  • Dual Head Peristaltic Pump
  • Air Motor Pre-attached to pump
  • Includes: Starter Kit, Air Regulator/Oiler Kit, Reversing Valve Kit, 10′ White Air Hose & Fittings
G2 ProPump 110 Electric
-No Drive-
  • Dual Head Peristaltic Pump
  • 1 Phase Electric Motor (110 VAC) pre-attached to pump
  • Drive Not Included
  • Includes: Starter Kit
G2 ProPump 110 Plug & Play
-Motor & Drive Included-
  • Dual Head Peristaltic Pump
  • 1 Phase Electric Motor (110 VAC) & Drive, Motor & Drive attached and wired for control
  • 110 VAC Plug
  • Includes Starter Kit
G2 ProPump 3 Phase Electric
-No Drive-
  • Dual Head Peristaltic Pump
  • 3 Phase Electric Motor (220/440 VAC), Explosion Proof, Pre-attached to pump
  • Drive Not Included
  • Includes: Starter Kit
Starter Kit


  • 16 oz Spray Bottle G2 Tube Lube
  • 10 ft Standard Blue Prothane Tubing

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We are so confident that the G2 ProPump will exceed your expectations, we offer a 30-day Risk Free Trial. If the G2 ProPump fails to meet agreed upon performance criteria, you may return it within 30 days for your money back!