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Charlotte, N.C. –
FLXON company spokesperson, Ryan Sharkey reports: “FLXON is excited by the official launch of SWEDCUT H7® – a totally new high performance doctor blade material at DRUPA in Düsseldorf later this month. This launch follows years of development and product testing by SWEDEV AB to achieve an amazing new long-lasting, lower-friction coated material that is able to achieve precise ink metering from the start. Printers report being able to achieve and maintain a smaller contact area free from edge chipping for extended runs. Noticeable improvements in cylinder and anilox wear are also reported.”

Sharkey went on to say H7® is now available in Canada, the US, and Mexico in most popular dimensions. Printers interested should contact FLXON about a trial of this product by calling +1.704.844.2434 or by email to

FLXON Inc. (, founded in 1995 and headquartered in Charlotte, N.C., is an international industry leader serving the flexographic and rotogravure printing industries in USA, Canada, and Latin America. The company offers and distributes an array of products and services with an emphasis on print efficiency through advanced technology, focused concentration on quality and sustainability, and being a trusted advisor to the flexographic and rotogravure printing industries.###