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Don’t “Groundhog Day”

These Common Job Start Up Mistakes

We’ve all seen the now iconic 1993 Bill Murray movie Groundhog Day, where Murray’s weatherman character (reporting on whether Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow) becomes hopelessly trapped in a time warp, forced to relive the same, awful day over and over. So, in the spirit of that movie and Groundhog Day, we present to you a few COMMON JOB STARTUP MISTAKES that you can stop repeating.

Using the WRONG Doctor Blade

Make sure you are using the correct doctor blade for the type of color you are printing. Also, choose the correct blade for the length of time you expect them to last. (Hint: If you’re using SWED/CUT® Doctor Blades, you’re on the RIGHT track!)

Forgetting to Check Doctor Blade & Seal Alignment

Make sure the seal to doctor blade alignment is correct – ensure blades extend across full length of holder. Blades must cover 1/2 of the flat side of the seal, on each end, unless seal manufacturer dictates otherwise, and the blade must be at the apex (peak of seal radius) on both the containment and metering positions. Seals must not raise up as they contact the seal. Blades must be always flat and square to the anilox.

Not Matching Seal Quality with Blade Life

Try to match seal quality with blade life so they can both be changed at the same time. Hopefully when a job is complete. Feel free to lubricate seal with silicon food grade grease to extend life.

Technical Assistance

As always, we’re here to help! If you need help with technical assistance, assessments, or training for the best doctor practices, reach out to us anytime (800) 756-6474 or send us an email to

Now, when does Spring start Punxsutawney Phil? We’re ready!