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COVID-19 Update: Doctor Blade Availability and Safety Measures


Dear FLXON Customer –

Many of you have asked to be informed of the measures FLXON is taking to deal with the presence of Coronavirus in our communities. Like you, we have taken measures based on CDC and WHO guidelines and in consideration of our various supply channels.

Workplace Health and Safety

Several weeks ago, we distributed hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes throughout our workplace along with instructions for their use. We were reminded to thoroughly wash hands frequently and keep them away from faces, to avoid individual contact and the importance of social distancing. Employees were instructed to not come to work if they feel sick.

Additional measures were added last week… 

Travel Restrictions / Technical Guidance

FLXON decided to immediately restrict all non-essential travel and pressroom visits. Any travel or visits on behalf of FLXON will require management pre-approval until further notice. For the duration, we are prepared to assist pressrooms by offering troubleshooting guidance remotely through our web site or by calling (800) 756-6474 and pressing “0”.

Work from Home

Beginning yesterday we reduced the number of office and administrative staff to a minimum by having a majority work remotely. Our order intake, order processing and fulfillment functions operate as usual. Everyone is following preventative best practices.

Supply Chain / Material Availability

Because most customers are well established and operate under a purchase supply plan to meet their forecasted needs, our supply chain system assures their materials are already accounted for in our delivery pipelines for the next 4 to 6 months.

This being said, if your pressroom is not currently supplied under such a plan, we strongly recommend one be considered. The point is – if you are an established doctor blade customer, we’ve got you covered. If you are a relatively new customer or unsure, we may need to confirm your needs through year end. We are asking our sales and customer service team to contact you to review your purchase history and confirm what is scheduled for delivery in the months to come.  

Our factory in SWEDEN is fully stocked with raw materials and has capacity to meet increased demands. Our materials travel by ocean container and are supplemented by air. At this point, we see no interruption in supply or distribution channels. 


At this point, we don’t foresee an interruption in our ability to deliver doctor blades and other supplied products. If that changes, we will let you know. In the meantime, we will reach out to your supply chain and purchasing teams to review and confirm their anticipated needs for the months to come. 

The Coronavirus has placed all of us in a challenging position. We believe the steps FLXON has taken will allow us to continue to support your team through these difficult times. 


Paul Sharkey – President, FLXON Inc