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Eliminate Costly Print Defects & Downtime

Get rid of Back Doctoring, Ink Spitting, Dirty Print, Dot Gain, Ghosting, Uneven Metering, Streaks, Drag Outs, Haze, Anilox/Cylinder Wear, Leaking Chambers, Blade Chatter

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FLXON is the exclusive distributor of SWED/CUT® performance doctor blades in North America which include a variety of doctor blade materials ranging from economical reliability to high performance options all designed to boost your pressroom’s performance, eliminate print defects, drive out an waste, and reduce blade spend. SWED/CUT® is manufactured of high quality carbon, stainless, and coated steels known for their micro-refined structures and slow, even edge wear that are a higher strength, reduce friction, and exhibit less flex to achieve a cleaner wipe.

Achieve Higher Performance

  • Eliminate Print Defects (dirty print, dot gain, streaks, drag outs, pinholing, haze, and many others)
  • Meter More Precisely
  • Protect Anilox / Cylinder Investment
  • Avoid Mid-run Press Stops
  • Experience No Break-in Time
  • Reduce Annual Blade Spend

Higher Quality

Our range of highly refined micro structured carbon, stainless, and coated steel doctor blades are developed to perform better and to meet the specific needs of your flexo / roto printing and coating applications.

Precise Dimensions

Our custom engineered doctor blade converting and finishing equipment holds tighter dimensional tolerances on blades for width, length, thickness, and tip execution, reliably, batch after batch, year after year.

Improved Metering

Our high density materials are more rigid and less flexing. They are able to maintain smaller contact areas at lower friction levels. The result – a cleaner wipe for longer periods.

Compatible Press OEMS

SWED/CUT® continually outperforms other doctor blade brands on the industry’s top performing presses.

Bobst, Mark Andy, Windmoeller & Hoelscher (W&H), Nilpeter, Uteco, MPS, Fischer & Krecke (F&K), Harris & Bruno, Tresu, Comexi, Koenig & Bauer (KBA), Allstein, Aquaflex PCMC, Omet, Heidelberg, Primoflex, Retroflex, Soma, Absolute, Gallus, Expert, Pannier, Sobu, KYMC, Bonard, Comco, Printco, FLSmidth, Schiavi, W&D, Kidder, Rotomec, Cerutti, Hsing Wei and many others.