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PTC® Consulting


Reduce waste and down time, plus build your bottom line.

Process Technology Consulting

Our PTC® – Process Technology Consulting service program offers press room audits that identify cost and waste reduction opportunities as well as a clear, easy to follow implementation program. PTC also offers operator and management best practices training as well as compliance audits. Benefits are guaranteed and are reported to far exceed cost and expectations.

PTC® Training and Consulting programs are designed to provide extensive hands-on operator training centered on fundamental best practices.  While the PTC Doctor Blade program is focused on the basics of doctor blades, we also cover the blade’s interface with the cylinder, ink, and substrate.  Additionally, this program provides the operator with critical thought analysis and practical troubleshooting techniques.  Most programs are tailored to include ongoing compliance training.

Our Expertise Translates Into Your Benefits

Reduced Waste

Significant reduction in common print defects like streaks, haze/fog, and drag outs

Less Downtime

Improved setup and blade use result in far fewer reasons to stop the press

Lower Doctor Blade Use

Techniques taught and demonstrated to use blades on multiple jobs

Improved Employee Satisfaction

Resulting from improved knowledge of what to do and how to do it

How It Works



On your pressroom floor, we perform a detailed evaluation that includes:

  • Observing make-ready, job setup, staging, and change out
  • Observing operator practices
  • Inspecting current doctor blade setup (including performing an inspection of doctor blade contact angle)
  • Testing and measuring cylinder surface hardness (HV) and roughness (RZ).

 Based on this evaluation, we will design a customized recommendation for your situation.



This training involves time with operators, assistants, press managers, and supervisors.  We train on doctor blade theory and proper setup and use of Swedcut® doctor blades.Classroom training lasts approximately two hours, with most of that time allotted for questions and answers. On-press training is two to four hours in length.


This discussion with the management team summarizes the results of the evaluation, allows your team to agree on an action plan to address any issues, and provides the opportunity to schedule additional follow-up visits to conduct compliance evaluations and reinforcement training as needed. In all, we can spend two to three days on site, and are available during evenings and weekends to accommodate your staff.

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