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We provide innovative products and services tailored to meet your specific print and coating applications.  

Business Approach

Our customers can expect a collaborative approach from us. We like to learn what improvement opportunities exist to determine if changes are in order. Learn More


We continually strive to help move the industry forward through innovation, advanced technology, and vision to meet the demands of the ever-changing pressroom. Learn More


Our business philosophy is deeply rooted in a commitment to improve our customer’s processes and pressroom sustainability – and ultimately their cost-of-goods sold. Learn More

The Safe and Reliable Choice in Doctor Blades


Higher Quality

A range of high quality carbon, stainless and coated steels, known for their micro refined structures and slow, even edge wear.


Precise Dimensions

All physical tolerances for width, thickness, length, and edge treatments are achieved under strict ISO CERTIFIED Quality Assurance Program.


Improved Metering

Reduced friction, higher strength, and less flex help to achieve a cleaner wipe for longer periods avoiding print defects like dot gain and spitting.

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High-performance pressroom products to improve your

Productivity, Safety, and Performance.

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March 10-12, 2020

New Orleans, LA


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September 15-17, 2020

Rosemont, IL

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FLXON’s New Ink Metering Technology October 25th - HARPER EXPO & SOLUTIONS TOUR BROOKLYN CENTER, MN  “We can help you Increase Speeds, Reduce Waste, and Downtime” Charlotte, N.C.- FLXON will participate in the Harper Expo & Solutions Tour in Brooklyn Center,...

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FLXON appoints Carrie Schmidt Vice President of Operations

Charlotte, N.C.- FLXON, Inc. company President, Paul Sharkey is pleased to welcome Carrie Schmidt to FLXON’s executive leadership team as VP of Operations. Carrie previously spent 11 years with CCL Industries, Inc. where she started in Customer Service/Inside Sales...

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Printers Edge Articles

HD FLEXO Doctor Blades – High Demand/High Definition

HD FLEXO Doctor Blades High Demand / High Definition The core purpose of a doctor blade in the flexo process is to remove excess ink from the anilox surface; to leave behind a perfectly smooth ink film for transfer to the image on the plate and to do this without...

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