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Elimina defectos comunes en

la impresión como rayas, nublado & velo 

Cuchillas Recubrimiento

FLXON offers a full line of doctor blades perfectly suited to help Narrow Web Flexo printers. Our high performance materials from SWED/CUT® are designed to eliminate defects, reduce downtime, and boost your pressroom’s performance.

Eliminate Print Defects
Protect Anilox Investment
Boost Corrosion Resistance
Extended Doctor Blade Life
Diminish Damaging Debris
Eliminate Mid-run Press Stops
Fewer Customer Complaints
Reduce Anilox Wear
No necesita tiempo para ajustarse

SWED/CUT® Performance Class Doctor Blades

SWED/CUT® Improvement Class Doctor Blades

SWED/CUT® Reliability Class Doctor Blades


We always begin our relationships with printers by learning what improvement opportunities exist within your pressroom. By working together our knowledgeable team will help you determine the best course of action to eliminate print defects, reduce downtime, increase speeds, slow cylinder wear and lower cost-of-goods sold to achieve a higher gross margin.

Ink Spitting

To combat against ink spitting, we typically recommend the Eliminator & M-Flex® Plus 0.10” blades with a 2º bevel.

White Inks, Coatings & Varnish

For applications using white inks, coatings or varnish we recommend the Micronox® II & M-Flex with a radius tip.

Blade Life

While all of our SWED/CUT® doctor blades exhibit high performance, for an extended long life we suggest the Eliminator®.

Steel vs. Plastic Doctor Blades

Fine Tip

The benefit steel has over all forms of plastic doctor blades is it’s rigidity relative to thinness. Steel allows for a very fine tip of less than .003” to meter ink while still resisting flex. If a blade is flexing then it stops metering tightly and increases wear.


High performance grades of steel like SWED/CUT® have the ability to wear slowly and evenly so that the tip remains consistent and smooth, providing optimal metering. Plastic blades tend to wear quicker and newer generations of plastic blades have brittle tips that break and wear unevenly.

Consistent Clean Metering

The two above issues play into a steel blade’s ability to consistently meter ink thus reducing print defects associated with dot gain and excessive ink transferring from the anilox to the plate.

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