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SJ-210 Surface

Roughness Tester

Portable and Highly functional

for Extensive Analysis.

Surface Roughness Tester

A small, lightweight, and extremely easy-to-use surface roughness measurement instrument that allows you to view surface roughness waveforms right on a color LCD screen.


  • User-friendly handheld tool that can be carried with you and used on-site in pressrooms.
  • Back-lit color LCD screen provides excellent readability and an intuitive display that is easy to negotiate with improved visibility in dark environments.
  • In addition to calculation results, the Surftest SJ-210 displays sectional calculation results, assessed profiles, load curves, and amplitude distribution curves.
  • Offers many features in a compact body including: extensive display features, high-speed USB communication, memory card support, multilingual support, drive unit, and many more.

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