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G2 ProSeals®

Precision Cut,

Long Lasting

Extend your seal life.

G2 ProSeals®

G2 ProSeals® are manufactured with superior materials in an exclusive process that provides not only a better seal but an extended life, up to 5 times longer than other industry standard seals


  • Cutting-edge Dura-Fusion process utilizes a combination of presoaked, high-density felt that is heat-fused into a durable Neoprene base, providing a longer performance life
  • Maximizes sealing properties for enclosed doctor blade systems and minimizes excessive pressure from doctor blade chambers
  • A wide range of precision cut end seals are available for virtually any machine manufacturer and model
  • Utilizing optimally enhanced grades of felt, G2 ProSeals® can reduce ink costs by up to 10% by providing the best environment for ink containment
  • Bundle up with SWEDCUT® Doctor Blades and start realizing the longer life benefits and elimination of waste
  • Also available in solid Neoprene without heat-fused felt.
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  • PCMC

  • Uteco North America

  • Bonard

  • Kidder

  • Harris & Bruno

  • Aquaflex

  • Comexi

  • Printco

  • Flexotechnica

  • W & D

  • Retroflex

  • Comco

  • Schiavi

  • Tresu

  • Windmoeller & Hoelscher

  • FLSmidth

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