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G2 ® Pail & Drum

Mixer Lids

Quick Setup Design, Uniform Mixing.

G2 Pail & Drum Mixer Lids

G2 ® Pail and Drum Mixer Lids are specifically developed to enhance your ability to manage ink on press.


  • Manufactured using 304 heavy-duty 12 gauge stainless steel
  • Design assures stable and snug fit to pail or drum
  • Features both inlet and outlet tubes extending to bottom
  • Centrally positioned pneumatic 1/4 HP mixer motor
  • Chain propeller to assure low sheer mixing
  • Propeller positioned 1″ above bottom to optimize circulation
  • Large hinged door for easy access
  • Standard 5 gallon pails and 55 gallon drums
  • Customized to any vessel dimensions
  • Non-stick coating is available

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